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Kendama Traditional Japanese Game


The Kendama magic series is our take on the classic wooden skill toy already popular in Japan.

This is a striped wood finish magic series Kendama. Using 2 different colours of wood creates lines throughout the Kendama. The Ball has a gloss finish.

We have spent many hours making sure that each Kendama magic series product is well balanced and fun to use for both amateurs and skilled Kendama pro ninjas.

Our Kendama is made from 3 parts a Kendama ball (tama) and the 2 part stick (ken).

Kendama accessories are then used to join each of these parts. A string (Ito) runs through the kendama to allow tricks to be learned and mastered.

Kendama is a Japanese game of skill. It is made up of a wooden ball attached to a wooden handle by string.

Kendama Europe history
In Europe Kendama had one of its popular phases during the latter half of the 19th century and the first half of the 20th century.

Kendama Japan history
The history of Kendama. The traditional japanese game is based on a french game called Bilboquet loosely meaning ‘cup and ball’. Kendama was not invented in Japan but records indicate its French origins. The Ken has 3 cups and a spike which fits within the 3 cups wooden section.

Looking for something portable? Our kendama and pill might be what you are looking for. A compact small kendama which can be taken anywhere.