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PRO6 Folding Electric Micro Bike Scooter


The PRO6 Folding Electric Micro Bike Scooter is one of our favourite ways to get around. It folds out from a flat position to form a triangle shape with comfortable handlebars and seat to make any short commute or journey a breeze.
Featuring 3 wheels in the total. The main front wheel is electric powered with smooth direct drive. The front wheel assembly also features a brake system to slow and stop the e-bike. The rear two wheels provide extra stability when sitting down and make the ready much more stable and steady than a normal 2 wheel scooter or 2 wheel bike.
The PRO6 Folding Electric Micro Bike Scooter has a build in LED readout on the handlebars with speed and battery indicators. A key lock system also allows the scooter to be used only by somebody who holds the key.
The modern seating system is comfortable and features a spring suspension system to absorb bumps and rocky terrain.
A battery is built into the main handlebar system providing long range and fast charge.

- Maximum Speed 12 mph (20kmh)
- Maximum Range 16 miles (26km)
- Weight 12.1kg
- Quick Charge in 120 minutes or less

In more detail:
- Can climb hills up to 20% slope incline
- Maximum Rider weight 121kg (19 Stone)
- Large capacity battery for a long range and quick recharge
- Spring Suspension system

PRO6 is a range of electric transport scooters. A premium solution for mobility our range of scooters are great for use to commute more easily in a city or built up urban area or as the perfect edge when taking part in motorsports or gaining quick and easy access to your boat, yacht or plane.