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PRO6 Dual Electric BigWheel Longboard


The PRO6 Dual Electric BigWheel Offroad Longboard is great for use on roads or equally suited to being off-road. Powerful Twin motors at the back of the board power you to impressive top speeds.
An all wood board gives flex and bends a little to allow carving and twisting on the board. The large pneumatic tyres absorb shocks and bumps which combined with the built in suspension coils give a smoother than expected ride. It gives a comparable experience to the Boosted Board but for use off road.
The height clearance of the board is several centimetres meaning you can ride on and over large objects clearing them easily. The foot holds on top of the board provide a way to steady yourself at higher speeds.

- Maximum Speed 22 mph (36kmh)
- Maximum Range 16 miles (26km)
- Weight 14.1kg
- Quick Charge in 60 minutes or less

In more detail:
- Can climb hills up to 20% slope incline
- Maximum Rider weight 102kg (16 Stone)
- Large capacity battery for a long range and quick recharge
- Trigger Wireless Throttle IR Controller

PRO6 is a range of electric transport scooters. A premium solution for mobility our range of scooters are great for use to commute more easily in a city or built up urban area or as the perfect edge when taking part in motorsports or gaining quick and easy access to your boat, yacht or plane.