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PRO6 Nano-Slim Carbon Fold Electric Scooter


The PRO6 Nano-Slim Carbon Fold Electric Scooter really is a marvel for simple, lightweight and swift ways to get around or cut your commute making it a breeze. Weighing just 7kg is really is a light yet strong electric scooter thanks to the carbon construction.
A powerful front wheel drive system provides a top speed of over 15 mph which is amazing on such a compact small scooter.
There are two braking options a front wheel electronic brake which uses the motor to make the scooter slow. Best of all this system recharges the battery as you brake giving you extra range. The option of a manual rear brake is also built into the rear of the scooter for extra stopping power.
The handlebars feature a 360 degree twist function which is perfect for tight circles or turns which are very tight. The PRO6 Nano-Slim Carbon Fold Electric Scooter can be folded in one step to be completely flat.
The built in LED control screen can show current speed, remaining power battery range and which gear is selected (Low, Medium, High).
The tyres are solid and cannot be punctured.

- Maximum Speed 15.5 mph (25kmh)
- Maximum Range 16 miles (26km)
- Weight 7.2kg
- Quick Charge in 180 minutes or less

In more detail:
- Can climb hills up to 25% slope incline
- Maximum Rider weight 121kg (19 Stone)
- LED Readout handlebar system
- Folds flat and is ultra portable
- Powerful LED Nightlights
- 8800mah Battery Pack

PRO6 is a range of electric transport scooters. A premium solution for mobility our range of scooters are great for use to commute more easily in a city or built up urban area or as the perfect edge when taking part in motorsports or gaining quick and easy access to your boat, yacht or plane.